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When Eliza, mid-20s, suffers a serious case of memory loss stemming from previous brain trauma, her lifelong friend Albert, mid-20s, comes to her aide. His reluctance to share her troubled recent history—including with their attempt at romance—forces him into old habits of weaving elaborate tales of adventure in order to fill the voids in her memory. As Albert unravels these tales for Eliza their life becomes indistinguishable from the stories he creates. All comes to a screeching halt when Eliza discovers an article from the past Albert was desperately trying to keep from her. She angrily abandons Al and the world he created for her to fall back into her old unhealthy routine. Al warily treads after her, finally convincing her that there is a happy medium between living a life that you remember—and can’t change, and living a life you want to tell as your story. They pick up from the life both Albert and Eliza knew, and head towards the stories they wish to make.



Notes on Trailer:

Shot on location in Quebec and Iceland. Starring Izabelle Desjardins. Featured: Maria Birta, Saga Sig, Helga Magnusdottir, Lukka Sigurdadottir, Micha Thyge, Ben Fee. 

SONG: Sin Fang Bous - Lies
from the album: Clangour

Nikita Clothing -
Atikin Clothing -
Forynja/Naked Ape -

Steinunn Thordardottir


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